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                                                                 In a competitive and fast growing business environment, engaging customers is not easy and requires real insight into the current trends and market demand. In order to target the right audience, marketing professionals must know their consumer demographics very well. This requires a great deal of study. In essence, it requires that organizations tabulate every aspect of customer engagement, and study prospective client behavior in socioeconomic terms. Customer engagement and customer retention is an art that not all can master except when provided with real-time data analysis into consumer behavior.

Online CRM Software does just that and much more. Apart from streamlining the management process across departments, the system tabulates every aspect of customer engagement. This provides an adequate setting to chart out graphs and pie charts that help discover key pain points in customer relationship management and accordingly, address those. While data assimilation is not a new phenomenon in business process management, online CRM software goes a step further and processes that data to narrow it down to only a few crucial highlights. These highlights are management tools that can be leveraged to gain the best from a given situation.

In fact, the December 2014 Aberdeen report reinstates the need for business process automation by pointing out that users of CRM system integrator s reported 17% better customer retention. This solution is a must-have for virtually very enterprise sales team today and will define growth for businesses in the coming years. While senior management holds certain important attributes such as product expertise and field experience, the crux of every bad sales pitch lies in the lack of a basic insight into customer behavior. Online CRM software is suitable for integration with various social media platforms, which in effect help sales reps keep their finger on the pulse. The best insight on customers can be got from studying social media platforms and noticing a definite pattern in such engagement.

Online CRM Software supported by a robust system integration solution can aid sales reps in advancing their cause more effectively. In fact, 30% more sales reps regularly use CRM solutions when it is supported by an SI (Aberdeen 2014). In conclusion, the solution is an enabler and is suited for organizations looking to establish a strong customer base.

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